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Top Rated Window Tinting Phoenix

If you are looking to get your window tinted properly the first time, you’re in the right place. We offer in-shop and mobile window tinting experience for our clients in Phoenix, Arizona depending on their needs. Life is busy, and we understand it can be a headache to schedule an appointment to go to some random shop in Phoenix. That is why we offer our mobile window tinting so that we can come to you! You can continue your day and focus on what matters most in life, while we take care of everything for you. You get a top rated window tint that doesn’t interrupt your day, keeps your car cool, and protects you from UV rays in Phoenix on our long hot days.

Check Out This Mobile Tinting We Did For A Client In Phoenix

Mobile tinting is a great way to get your vehicle tinted without interrupting your life to make an appointment to drop off your car somewhere. Let us come to you! We bring everything we need and complete the job in a relatively short amount of time for you to enjoy your tinted vehicle for a long time! Window tinting in Phoenix is now mobile! We typically just need some sort of carport, garage, or shaded area to complete our job.

Our Window Tinting Process

We take pride in our work, only providing you the best window tint that will last for years to come. Whether you want to make an appointment for an in-shop experience or have us come to you, you can be sure you will be satisfied with your tint.

window tinting phoenix quote
window tinting phoenix at home
window tinting phoenix arizona
Drop Off
window tinting phoenix arizona car
window tinting phoenix quote
window tinting phoenix at home
window tinting phoenix arizona
Drop Off
window tinting phoenix arizona car

Step 1

This is where we talk about how many windows you have and what you are looking to accomplish with your window tinting in Phoenix.

Step 2

Do you want us to tint your windows at your home or office? We offer mobile window tinting in Phoenix and surrounding areas [Garage or Carport Required]

Step 3

Looking for an in shop experience? You can drop off your car or wait in our beautiful private waiting room. Our waiting room has a variety of movies to choose from, snacks, drinks, and a restroom.

Step 4

Once you are all set and fully satisfied with your new window tint, it’s time for you to drive off and enjoy!

Our Clients Love Our Window Tint

We take our Phoenix clients very seriously, satisfaction is what we strive for. We get our tinting done fast, but done correctly so it will last for a long time to come. Our clients think highly of us! It shows in our reviews please check them out below!

Used Eclipse mobile tinting for a new vehicle that had no tint from the factory. I was unsure what percentage, and Eric showed me several to make sure it’s what I wanted. Took no time at all, great at communication and very professional. Even helped get a quote on home window tint to help this summer. Price quoted was exactly what it came to at the end. Very happy, and will recommend for sure!

– C Raign

I am very pleased with the tint! The 2 front windows and windshield topper at a reasonable price. I got a quote through email and had a response before any other business which I appreciate. Family owned business and maintained professionalism throughout an easy going process that didn’t take too much time at all. Definitely recommend, thank you!

– Krys Y

Eric was great! Very professional and friendly. He fit me in on a Sunday morning, when he doesn’t normally work weekends. Price was fair for the quality of the tint and work. The instant quote was accurate and I didn’t get any surprise charges. I got a discount for going to his home shop, he has a nice waiting room with snacks and beverages. Took about an hour and a half total for tint on all my windows to be installed (minus windshield). Would highly recommend his services. My 4Runner looks and feels so much better!

– Yaya Lopez

Just got my Mazda3 tinted with the ceramic tinting today at Eric’s shop. They look great! My car looks so much better now and i can already tell a huge difference in the temperature inside the car. He was very professional, and there was a comfortable waiting room with movies snacks coffee etc along with a live feed of the garage so you can see exactly what’s being done. I highly recommend him! I read all the reviews prior, so even though it was a bit of a drive it was worth it, and he can come to you if you don’t want to drive to his location. Overall excellent experience.

– Gabrielle Wallace

Awesome customer service and very professional. He did a great job Tinting the windows on my 2004 infiniti G35. Have already recommended him to others.

– Richard Jones

Eric did a great job on my windows and was extremely professional throughout the process. He was quick to respond to emails, finished in a short amount of time, and the end result was exactly what I wanted!

– Paul Sladovnik

Great job! Eric was quick and did a superior job. I have had tint done by other reputable companies and been far less satisfied. I could not be more impressed with Eclipse.

– Chris Loftin

I can’t say enough good things about Eclipse Window Tinting. Eric, the owner/installer, is a great guy who is polite and respectful, operates in a clean & professional environment, and delivers a flawless end-result at a fair price. I guarantee you, it just doesn’t get any better. I’ll definitely be back! Thanks, again, Eric!

– Dave Todden

I reached out to a bunch of different tinting places before picking Eric. He was the only person I talked to who:

Responded over email.
Had his prices listed and had no BS when asking questions.
Offered multiple products.

If these points are important to you, I’d definitely recommend going with Eclipse. Eric was super nice, quick and did great work, and I felt very comfortable in his waiting room while he did the job! Would go again, 5/5.

– Zachary Tomasch

Need More Proof?

Check our our incredible window tinting reviews here for phoenix arizona

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Let’s connect, talk about your project, and get you scheduled ASAP. Whether you are looking for a mobile or in house experience, we are sure you will be happy with your window tint! We have been in business for over 17 years, so we have the professional experience you are looking for. We only use high-quality tints to protect you and your vehicle for a long time.

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Why Get Your Window Tinting With Us?

Treat Your Car To The Best Tinting In Phoenix

It’s no secret that the sun is hard on a car’s interior. Exposure to the sun year after year makes upholstery fade and can lead to damaged leather. Tinted windows can help to drastically extend the life of your interior. Protecting your upholstery from discoloration will keep your car looking great longer.

Window Tinting Percentages

Get an idea of what kind of window tinting you need in Phoenix, Arizona. Below is a photo of window tinting percentages that will give you an idea of how much light passes through. If you want to mess around with percentages more, please check out this window tinting simulator, to better simulate your expected tint in Phoenix.

window tinting percentages in phoenix

Reasons To Get Your Window Tinted In Phoenix

Phoenix Arizona Needs Window Tinting

This state is HOT. During the summer in Phoenix Arizona, the average temperature is over 98 degrees. It’s no wonder everyone is driving around in dark tinted windows in Phoenix. Heat  can lead to a number of issues with your car from cracked dashes to electrical issues that are never ideal to deal with. During the day, if your car does not have window tinting, the sun is just going to bake everything inside your car. It’s no wonder a car parked on a sunny day of 95 degrees can reach deadly temperatures in an hour. Window tinting plays a huge role in reducing the heat within your car. In one study, it was found that window tinting reduced the air temperature within the car by almost 48 degrees Fahrenheit!

window tinting phoenix uv protection

UV Protection

Window tinting in Phoenix can reduce the amount of UV rays you expose your body to on a daily basis. These rays come down on your car daily in the summer heat. Arizonans spend a lot of time in the sun, which brings a lot of exposure to UV rays. Arizona touts an average of 350 sunny days a year, which can be great for outdoor activity; but not so great for your skin. A good window tinting can reduce your UV ray exposure by as much as 99%. If you drive a lot, window tinting is a must! This will protect your skin from dangerous cancers and slow the skin aging process received from UV rays.

phoenix desert is hot

Heat Protection

Window tinting is great heat protection in Phoenix. Your car’s air conditioning can only do so much for you against the heat. There is a certain point at which the heat will overpower it. We have all been there in the Phoenix sun and gotten a sunburn from just driving around during the hottest parts of the summer. Window tinting can reduce up to 60% of the heat energy trying to enter your vehicle! If you are driving in Phoenix without tint, you are dealing with a lot more heat than need be.

phoenix sun glare


Reducing glare is always a nice benefit of window tinting in Phoenix. Glare can be quite the distraction while you are driving around during these hot summer days. Between on coming headlights at night to the glaring sun throughout the day, reducing glare is a great way to improve your safety.

window tinted glass broken


Window tinting increases your safety. In the event of a crash or some sort of vehicle damage, window tinting helps your glass be more durable. It also may hold glass shards together with the film. This is huge for safety, as glass shards can be quite dangerous and potentially fatal in the event of a car crash.

window tinting theft


Window tinting can reduce your car’s exposure to theft in Phoenix. Window tinting deters theft because it makes it a lot harder for thieves to see what is in your vehicle. Theft deterrence is all about inconvenience and making it harder for them to get in. If they cannot see your valuables or judge if it is easy to get in your vehicle, they will move on to an easier target; typically the nontinted car. It is all about risk/reward, if they cannot see the reward, it is not worth the risk for them.

tesla with doors open phoenix

Energy Efficiency

What’s the first thing you do when you get into a hot car? You turn the air conditioning on. A majority of people throw the A/C on as quick as they possibly can. It definitely gets the job done, and the car will cool down; but it does have an impact on your mileage since it relies on gas to function. Getting your windows tinted will require less A/C to cool the car down.

This State is HOT!

These Phoenix summer days are relentless sometimes. Having tint on your car will help alleviate this heat. Long days in this heat without tint on your windows is bad for your vehicle, your skin, and your family! Let’s get you protected today with high-quality window tint that not only makes your vehicle look good, but keeps you cooler in these long hot days!

Window Tinting Phoenix Work Guaranteed

Locally Owned Window Tinting in Phoenix

Now with nearly 17 years of experience, my window tinting adventure continues helping Phoenix residents beat the heat not just during the summer, but all year long! Over the years Phoenix has grown to love our local business here. We focus on quality materials and satisfaction to make sure you get the tint you deserve.

mobile window tinting phoenix

Mobile Window Tinting Phoenix

We offer professional and reliable mobile window tinting service to Phoenix Arizona and its surrounding areas. We will conveniently come to your home or office!* It can be a pain to take time out of your day to go to a shop. This is why we saw the need to offer mobile window tinting in Phoenix where we come to you! You get to focus on life and go on with your day while we give you flawless window tint.

Get Your Time Back With Mobile Window Tinting Phoenix

You deserve the best window tinting in Phoenix!

Mobile Window Tinting Is So Convenient

We come to you so you can focus on what matters most in your life! Whether your vehicle is small or large, we can come to you to bring you high-quality tint to your vehicle. Tinting your vehicle doesn’t have to involve setting an appointment and going to sit in a shop! We can come to your home, office, work, parking garage, and pretty much anywhere that has shade or overhead protection*.

We Use XPEL Window Tinting Products

This is the perfect window tinting solution of Phoenix, and it’s endless hot days. Phoenix has an average of over 100 days that are over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is no wonder most of the cars around here get their windows tinted as soon as possible. Window tinting is essential when living here in Phoenix to deal with this kind of heat. This film is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends these products as an effective UV protectant.

xpel plus window tint

Prime XR Plus Window Tinting

This is a beautiful tinting that combines a cool look with extreme performance. It blocks 98% infrared heat to keep your car cool. This tint also blocks 99% of UV rays to keep your skin healthy and safe. This is great for Phoenix because of all our sunny days. Prime XR Plus Window Tinting provides great clarity with lighter tints without sacrificing infrared & UV ray protection.

prime xr window tint

Prime XR Window Tinting

This tint blocks up to 88% of infrared heat, which will provide you with performance without breaking the bank. Ceramic particle technology blocks a vast majority to keep your car cool.

prime hp window tint

PRIME HP Window Tinting

This tint offers the best heat rejection compared to traditional dyed films. It has a beautiful reflective finish. The color of this tint is a great match to OEM privacy glass and last this way for years!

prime cs window tint

PRIME CS Window Tinting

If you want a tint that protects you from UV rays and gives you the privacy you deserve, this tint is the one for you. It blocks 99% of harmful cancer causing UV rays! It has a black or neutral charcoal colored tint that will last for years to come!

Window Tinting Laws In Phoenix Arizona

We have a beautiful state with lots of sun; if you drive frequently then tinting is a must! It is always good to know the window tinting laws before getting your windows tinted in Phoenix.

front window tinting phoenix

Front Window Tinting Phoenix Regulations

Arizona does not allow tinting of the front windshield, but it does allow non-reflective tinting above the manufacture’s AS-1 line.

front side window tinting phoenix

Front Side Window Tinting Phoenix Regulations

Your front side windows on your car may be tinted but are limited to how much they can be tinted. Arizona law states that no more than 33% may be used on your front side windows!

rear side window tinting phoenix

Rear Side Window Tinting Phoenix Regulations

Rear side windows are great for tinting as there are no regulations when it comes to how dark you want to tint these. We can get these as dark as you would like, but just be mindful of how dark these can become at night on the darker tints.

rear window tinting phoenix

Rear Window Tinting Phoenix Regulations

Just like the rear side windows, these are fair game for any darkness you would like on your window tinting! This all just boils down to your tinting preference.

window tinting tesla in phoenix

Other Important Window Tinting Phoenix Regulations

  • Your window tint cannot be more than 35% reflective
  • Red and amber tint colors are restricted
  • Medical exceptions can be made for window tinting

Ultimately Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied and safe with your tint in Phoenix!

Arizona Window Tinting Law Penalties

Arizona has a ‘fix it ticket’ called the Equipment Repair Order. This essentially is a fine with proof of fix to remove the violation. So you will need to either remove the tint or get compliant tint that follows the proper percentages. Most officers will use a tint meter to determine the percentage of tint you have on your vehicle. When it comes time for court, you can bring your vehicle and receipts to show proof you have the proper tinting now. In some cases the judge might waive the fine if you are showing compliance with your tint and it is your first offence; but of course this is not a guarantee.

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We are local to Phoenix, Arizona and serve its surrounding areas. We want to bring you a tint that will keep you satisfied with your windows for years to come!

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