What is the benefit of Mobile Window Tinting in Phoenix?

Time would be the biggest! We have 24 hours a day to get things accomplished. In some cases, window tinting just might make it on your list one day. If your day is packed with work, sleep, kids, and school, you can actually fit in window tinting without compromising your schedule. Since mobile window tinting does not have the luxury of shop elements, high training in mobile service is necessary. Luckily, we have been offering mobile tinting since 2007, so we are well educated and experienced when installing at your home or office!


If you are looking to have your windows professionally tinted with the best film in the industry for the best price - then look no further! From offering amazing heat and UV protection, enhancing your vehicles' appearance, and increasing privacy for you and your passengers, window tinting is the most cost effective add-on for your vehicle with many benefits! All of our window films carry a manufacturer's guarantee that will last as long as you own your vehicle.

A little about me...

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I am native to this heat. The summers here may be difficult, but it does beat shoveling snow in the winter time! I first fell in love with window tint when I had a good friend of mine tint my 1995 Mazda MX-3. I couldn't believe the difference it made! I had tried to tint it myself previously, but as many will tell you, it IS a lot harder than it looks! :) After several years of considering making this a career path, in 2001 my friend hired me as a window film installer for a large car dealership; in which he was managing in Phoenix, AZ. Finally in 2007, with six years under my belt tinting for the dealership, I created Eclipse Window Tinting and the adventure began! Now with nearly 17 years of experience, my window tinting adventure continues helping Phoenix residents beat the heat not just during the summer, but all year long!

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